GENIMI Aviation TKS De-Icing Fluid

GENIMI Aviation TKS De-Icing Fluid

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  • Genimi TKS Fluid
  • Minimum operating temperature: -60°C
  • Complies with: DTD 406B and AL-5

Sizes: 10L, 25L, 50L, 100L, 200L, 1000L

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  • Inflight de-icing fluid
  • Anti-ice fluid
  • Minimum operating temperature: -60°C
  • Complies with: DTD 406B and AL-5
  • Made in the EU


In winter, ice often forms on the wings of the aircraft, which can result in serious accidents. Therefore, it is important to de-ice your aircraft in winter before and during flights.
This includes clearing the surfaces and the runway of snow and ice.

Our aviation TKS fluid does provide ice protection capabilities and can also be used for ground de-icing during preflight inspection.

With the help of TKS de-icing systems the liquid impedes the formation of ice during flights and brings you safely to your destination.

Our TKS aviation fluid complies with the international standards and does not harm the metallic and plastic surfaces of the aircraft as well as it does not cause any performance loss.



TKS systems are powerful in-flight ice protection systems that prevent the formation of ice layers during flights. Aircrafts such as CIRRUS, BEECHCRAFT, CESSNA, DIAMOND, MOONEY and many more are usually equipped with such de-icing systems.
The TKS aviation fluid, based on ethylene glycol can be used excellently to remove ice but also as a preventive measure to avoid ice formation.

A simple mechanism enables the pilot to activate the TKS de-ice system while flying. Through the activation, a small pump spreads the TKS aviation fluid over the wings and the propeller.
The TKS liquid mixes with the crystallizing water vapor and lowers the freezing point down to -60° C.
This allows you to reach your destination safely without any ice formation.

Fly higher with Genimi, fly during winter with our AVIATION TKS FLUID.

AVAILABLE IN: 10 L | 25 L | 50 L | 100L | 200 L | 1000 L

Restock your TKS aviation fluid supply and fly through winter.


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10, 1000L, 100L, 10L, 1L, 200L, 25L, 50L, XL

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